One Stroke Painting Technique

”Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” ~Mary Lou Cook

I wanted to paint my old handbags with flowers inspired by Boyarde and Heart Evangelista (both famous artists for using designer bags as their canvas), using acrylic paint. So today, I thought of sharing a step by step process through using a simple one stroke painting.

What Is One Stroke Painting?

A painting technique where double and multi-loading is used to achieve highlights, shadows and color changes using one stroke or one direction.

Using one stroke technique makes the painting easy and fun especially for beginners.


Paint Brushes: Flat wash brush and round brush
Acrylic colors: Cobalt green, titanium white, black, ultramarine blue
Painting palette
Old painted canvas

Step 1: I Start by sketching the shape of the flower using a pencil.CB5EC3BB-B5C8-485F-8B2F-21EF55D46B67.jpeg


Step 2: Dabbed the half upper part of the flat wash brush on the white color and 3/4th of the lower part of the brush on the blue color. (This will create blue-white colors.)83805F5A-313F-4A4D-89CE-87EA267067AD.jpeg


Step 3: Lay the brush on the canvas and start making tiny zigzags in a curve shape from left to right.87557C4E-CC92-4D67-938F-E510B6E9659A.jpeg




Step 4: Use the small round brush to create black and white pollen by simply dabbing into the center of the flowerB448858D-A204-4899-B3DB-28C8F9E7AC69.jpeg


Step 5: I used the same one stroke technique to create the leaves. Tiny zigzag strokes and release.30D07576-3A69-48C2-BB5D-3FBF8306BD6A.gif

Step 6: Then I highlighted the flower by using the tiny round detailed brush with black. ( Highlighting the subject gives it more contrast and exposure. )F8FA8A39-6E3C-4654-AEE5-4095DE9C9F47.jpeg


I hope you enjoy this one stroke painting idea!

Up next: Quick and easy butterfly painting.

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